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A message about COVID-19

What are we doing to help protect our customers?

The best protection starts at home.
My daughter is home from school for the next few weeks and my wife is a teacher, so she is home as well.
We are limiting our exposure during this time by doing our best to stay home

What does this mean for East Coast Pagers?

Effective immediately, the following changes are in place to help protect ourselves and our customers:

  • We are no longer allowing local customers to pickup their order
  • There will be no personal drop off of equipment
  • All orders placed will be handled by UPS or USPS
  • We are no longer dropping orders off at UPS or USPS
  • All shipments will be picked up by the currier at our doorstep.
    • The additional cost for scheduling UPS pickup will not be passed to our customers

What happens if we come down with the Coronavirus

  • We will shut down incoming orders until the virus passes
  • All pending and open orders will be reviewed with the customer

As you can see, we are taking every effort to limit our exposure to the virus.

Stay safe – and stay healthy


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