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To keep our prices low, we place orders with Swissphone when you purchase a s.Quad pager.   Please allow an extra week of delivery time for your s.Quad Pager order.

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The Swissphone s.Quad Voice Pager is a very unique pager.


Right from the start, you can see that this pager does not look like any other pager on the market.

An image of a Swissphone s.Quad pager with dimensions for length, width, and weight.

Measuring in at only 3.19″ high, 2.52″ wide, and 0.87″ deep, it is one of the smallest pagers on the market. And weighing only 3.81 ounces (less than 0.25 pounds), this is one pager you won’t mind wearing on your belt all day. In fact, this is one pager you won’t notice on your belt due to its very thin design.

The pager runs on a single AA battery, and the weight specification include the battery! Swissphone’s test show the pager will last up to 160 hours on a single charge, when Bluetooth is off and Economy mode is enabled.




s.Quad Voice Specifications

Swissphone s.Quad pager on a user's beltThe Swissphone s.Quad Voice Pager is a full featured pager is a small package. Don’t let the size of this pager fool you.

With 16 minutes of stored voice, a loud 90dB alert, and a 5 line display, this pager gives you all the information you need about your call right at your fingertips. With only 4 buttons on this unit, it is very simple to use.

The s.Quad Voice Pager’s display measures 146 x 128 pixels and is a monochrome with back light display.

There is also an alert LED inside the Escape key, which can be programmed for multiple color alert patters and act as a message waiting indicator.

The unit ships as a single frequency pager, but an optional Multi-Channel (scanner) upgrade is available for a very affordable rate.

The s.Quad Voice also comes with Bluetooth and will sync to a smart phone with optional s.Quad iPhone or Android Software, and adds another layer of call delivery via the s.ONE paging application.

Built tough

The Swissphone s.Quad Voice pager is IP-67 rated. What exactly does this mean? The number 6 in the rating means the s.Quad Voice is dust tight. It is the highest possible dust rating in the industry. The 7 in the IP rating means the s.Quad Voice will withstand sitting in water for up to 30 minutes at 3 feet deep. So unlike some other pagers that might fail with the slightest contact with water, this pager will survive the rain, wet conditions, and an accidental drop in the pool (or any other shallow body of water)

In addition to industry standard IP rating, Swissphone has performed drop tests on the s.Quad voice, and it easily survives 6.5 feet drops on concrete.


s.Quad Voice Warranty

The s.Quad Voice ships to you with a full 2 year warranty.

If you wanted to extend the factory warranty, you may purchase a 3 year, 4 year, or 5 year warranty at the time of purchase.  The extended warranties must be purchased at the same time you order your pager, and are calculated by total warranty length.   Ex, a 3 year warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase, not 3 years on top of the 2 year factory warranty.

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Configure your Swissphone s.Quad Voice and recieve up to 10% off accessories with your order.




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