Who we are

East Coast Pagers is an Authorised Unication Dealer.   Located on Long Island, NY, we began selling the Unication Product in 2013 under the business name Monitor Long Island, Inc.   Monitor Long Island, Inc. is the parent company of East Coast Pagers and is in the business of selling Scanners and Radio Gear to the hobbyist as well as the Public Safety Professionals.  We decided to put more focus on the pagers we sell, and in 2017 Monitor Long Island, Inc. filed for a d/b/a (doing business as) in the State of NY as East Coast Pagers.

Who we sell to

East Coast Pagers is proud to support the Public Safety Professionals, businesses, and individuals.   We strive to offer competitive pricing and product bundles and we can be reached at any time for a quote.   We’ve done business with Volunteer Fire Departments and Districts, Ambulance Companies, Businesses requiring a AlphaNumeric Page Solution, Media, and individuals who are looking for their own personal paging gear.

Our Promise to you

We pride ourselves in being customer focused.  No job is too small and no order is too complex.   We will take all the time that is needed over the phone or by e-mail to make sure your order is exactly what you need.   When it comes to programming, we make sure the job is done no only to our high standards, but what you would expect as well.  We believe that every customer deserves the white glove treatment.

Contact Us

Our phone number is 877-231-PAGE.   We encourage you to leave a message if we are unable to answer the phones.  You may also reach us by using the contact form below and we will respond as soon as possible.