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Good listening

Working great with the p25 trunking. Fast shipping and fast response when you have a problem great doing business with east coast pagers.๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜œ

Great pager

Was looking for a yellow G1 and finally found it. I may only use it for 5 uhf freqs but it does what i need it to do. Great reception and battery life as well. Yellow is also my fav color! Thanks

G-Series Premium English Bridle Leather Case w/ Loop (ALL G-Series)

Screen Protector Order For Pager

It's fits perfectly and was easy to apply. I will recommend it to others.

Excellent quality clear communication

So far the unication g5 pager is by far the best pager I have ever invested in. The voice quality is very clear and amazing with all the different channels and frequencies I have programmed to listen to every thing going on in my locality. I highly recommend this pager for any departments day to day notifications for their personnel

Unication G5 P25 Pager
Donald Fugate

Essy to use . Very well built. One of my Lt at my fd had program done quickly

Belt click


2800mAh Battery

2800mAh Battery

Working great

2800mAh Battery
Paul Bagnoli

2800mAh Battery

2800mAh Battery
Noel Torres
Outstanding Customer Service

The products are great and speak for themselves but the customer service was outstanding. They cared enough to look at my entire order and notice some discrepancies and then email me to clarify. Actually saved me money. Thanks

The G5 P25 Pager is the best!! AWESOME Unit!!

This pager is the best with audio and the way it functions.!! Awesome Unit!!!

Unication G5 P25 Pager
Jonathan Thibodeaux
G5 / Vhf

Bought this unit to monitor a new system coming online where I am at. I run this side by side with my desk scanner and it catches every call like its supposed to. The radio itself is small and I will be using this as my "grab and go" radio when I want something small to shove in the pocket. I like the bluetooth features it offers. For me, this is all I need as I mostly just monitor Metro PD traffic stuff. Shipping was fast. Packing was good enough. Radio is solid.

Thumbs up

Ordered a new belt clip for my unication pager. Exactly what was expected. Shipped very fast. Would buy again.

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping and exactly what I ordered.

Fast accurate shipping

Unication G2, G3, G4, and G5 Desktop Charger

Unication G5 P25 Pager
Steve Flanigan
A Powerhouse Both In Service And Voice Quality

This is the first Unication pager I have owned. I use it to monitor mainly one frequency, (and the TAC channels,) but have other frequencies loaded as well should I need to monitor those. I chose this device over a traditional scanner, and though the Unication G5 is not a "scanner" per se, it still seems to work circles around other scanners as far as the voice quality goes. I think it was well worth the purchase price, and working with Phil via the phone has been nothing but a pleasure.

Love it

G-5 is doing me a good job

Great experience

Always a great experience when dealing with East Coast Pagers, from customer service to shipping speed!

G1 Replacement Knob Kit
Frederick Tierney
It is Geart

I like it, it did it job. Thank you

Green Indicator led lights etc

The green / orange colored led charger indicator lights are a nice feature however they are really bright at night ๐ŸŒ‰ ๐ŸŒ™ while sleeping almost as bright as having a night light plugged in to receptacle too bad there isn't a dimmer like control to to turn the brightness down a few lumens for night use other then that I didn't realize for the alert feature that the G3 pager had to programmed to make the alert light flash I had to take my G3 to a certified programmer to have the feature turned on on my time and expense yes a 40$ programming fee other than that its vary and vary functional a Nice addition to the G3 perhaps someday in the future Unication can upgrade the amplified Charger to customize it to individuals preferences.

Iโ€™m John not Bert

Iโ€™m John who ordered the product, Bert paid for the items with department credit card.

Fast shipping