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Works excellent

Fix the problem I had with the charging cord would be standard equipment

Excellent service.

Unication G5 P25 Pager
Justine Hollingshead
Great pager/radio for the price

Solid product

Unication G4 P25 Pager
Ivan Figueroa
Unication g4

Thi is a good product and work very fine on p25


Excellent product. Delivered as promised with exceptional range and great workability.

Great product, packed with features

I bought the G5 to trial for our fire services. Not only did it work for what I bought it to specifically do, it also had a ton more features that allowed us to check boxes off of our "that'd be really nice to do" list. We have quite a few partnerships with neighboring rural departments. It is great that I can receive the two-tone and I am responding pages for all of them on one device.

Unication G2 P25 Pager
David Malicki
G2 outstanding

Does an outstanding job. East Coast Pagers is my go to dealer for Unication products. I have purchased 4 pagers, all from East Coast Pagers. Phil provides outstanding support.

Unication G4 / Unication G5 Replacement Antenna - Improved 800MHz - Blue Band

Outstanding Service and Product

This is my first order from East Coast Pagers. I received the G4 pager within 2 days with the free shipping, packaged very well. The G4 performs better than any other comparable radio for simulcast P25 phase 2.

Highly satisfied and would recommend East Coast Pagers to anyone looking for an unit.

Unication G4 P25 Pager
Simon Sheehan

This is my second order from ECP - It was shipped the next day and delivered quickly to Canada without any issues. The price was right and I will continue to not hesitate to recommend East Coast Pagers.

2800mAh Battery
Jonathan Hoch


Absolutely satisfied

I was on the fence about pager versus scanner. I decided to give the pager a shot based on what I felt I wanted to accomplish which was monitoring my local trunked P25 system. I can say with absolute confidence, I made the right decision. If you are comfortable dealing with the programming, you will not be disappointed. I am very pleased with the quality of the reception on the pager compared to my only experience which has been SDR dongles. Additionally the pager is so compact compared to other trunked scanners on the market I am confident I made the right decision. Give East Coast Pagers a shot, he has an extremely informative podcast and sells a great product in the Unication pagers. You won’t be disappointed.

2800mAh Battery
David Gresham
G5 Battery

Great service from East Coast Pagers 📟

Awesome Customer Service

I ordered a pager charger online and the order was process, shipped and received within two days. That is unheard of in todays world. The item was received as advertised and works great! East Coast Pagers also has the best price around (the internet), so give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

I like it

I don't like it

Hi Frederick, sorry to hear you are disappointed with this case. What is it that you do not like about this product?

Unication G5 P25 Pager
Joseph Curtis
Great Pager

The G5 pager is a great pager I use it to monitor our regional P25 simulcast system and it does great, I got 700/800 and VHF band and it does great on reception, the only complaint I have is I wish the VHF would use the same antenna and not an internal antenna