Monitor Long Island, Inc. forms East Coast Pagers

Phil Lichtenberger ·
 Wow, looking back at when I became a Unication Dealer, I never thought it would take off as well as it has. Let me say it is very exciting to sell a product that has no problem selling itself. And that's a good thing if you've seen our little online store.

Due to the success that the Unication product has delivered, Monitor Long Island, Inc. has created a new pager only division.

We are happy to announce - East Coast Pagers.



Effective Immediately, all of our pager sales will be done under the name East Coast Pagers. This isn't to say that Monitor Long Island, Inc. will be closing down or will no longer be servicing our scanner radio and programming market. This just means that our business models have been tuned and tweaked just a little bit.

So with the new business name comes a new business website:  East Coast Pagers is a fully operational online store where you can pick up Unication Paging Products and Accessories.

 To celebrate the new launch, we are offering all Unication G1 pagers for the lowest prices we can offer. If that wasn't enough, we are now shipping all G1 orders for free, including an additional belt clip, and 2 extra batteries per unit!

To take advantage of this promotion, all you have to do is click this link and put a G1 pager in your shopping cart. There will be an automatic coupon applied to your order in the shopping cart, but this coupon expires 6/30/17.


Please feel free to share this news and coupon link. There are no quantity limits on this offer.

Thank you again for all your past business, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Phil Lichtenberger
Monitor Long Island, Inc.
East Coast Pagers

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