Pager Programming

Send your pagers to East Coast Pagers for Programming or Firmware Upgrades.

We are currently able to program:

  • Motorola Minitor III, IV, and V Pagers.  Minitor VI support is on the way!
  • Unication G1, G4, and G5 Pagers


The costs below are for Customers who did not purchase Pager Hardware from East Coast Pagers.  Return postage is included in the charges below.   Customers who purchased hardware from us should use the form below for a quote.

Minitor Pagers

  • There is a flat programming fee of $25 per pager.
  • If you would like your 1 channel Minitor modified to a 2 channel Minitor, there is a $10 fee per pager.
  • There is no firmware upgrade service available for Minitor Pagers at this time.

Unication G1 Pagers

  • Programming the G1 pager is $35 for the first zone (First 8 positions on the channel knob).
  • $10 for each additional zone.
  • $20 for unlimited Voice Prompts
  • $10 for Firmware Upgrades

Unication G4 & G5 Pagers

  • Programming of the G4 and G5 pagers is very detailed.
  • It is best that you contact us using the form below and describe exactly what you need programmed in.

All customers should have the Frequency or Frequencies they need programmed into the pagers. Customers are responsible for providing the tone out information as well.

East Coast Pagers will program the pagers with the information that is provided.  We cannot be responsible if your pager does not operate correctly or if the information provided is incorrect.

There are no refunds on any labor or programming costs.