Swissphone s.Quad 360

Swissphone s.Quad 360
Swissphone s.Quad 360
Swissphone s.Quad 360
Swissphone s.Quad 360

Swissphone s.Quad 360

$445.00 $435.00

This is a special order item.  Please contact us for delivery ETA.
Normal delivery is 10-14 days.

The s.QUAD is comfortable and loud pager.

This pager is dust and waterproof.

The s.Quad 360 uses a rotary knob controls to adjust volume and change alerting mode.  This is not available on the standard s.Quad Voice.

The adjustable knob gives quick access to menus and volume without having to remove the pager from your belt.

With the optional POCSAG software upgrade, users can be alerted to both voice dispatches and alpha (text) pages on a single device.

The s.Quad 360 is only available in VHF.


Please note, these are SINGLE CHANNEL pagers.  If you need multi-channel, you must also order the Multi-Channel option as an add-on.


Key performance features

  • Multi-colored call LED
  • Fully graphic, high-resolution display
  • Connection to compatible devices via Bluetooth
  • Integrated RFID chip
  • Up to 16 minutes of stored voice memory
  • Standard single AA battery
  • Upgradeable to work as a POCSAG Pager
  • Multi-Channel Option Available

Physical Attributes:

Size: 3.2" W x 2.5" H x 0.85" D

Weight:3.81 oz

Supported Bands:

146-155 MHz
150-160 MHz
155-164 MHz
164-174 MHz

Additional Info:

Paging Modes: 2 Tone
5/6 Tone
POCSAG (Optional)

Bluetooth: Yes

Voice Storage: 16 Minutes

Battery Type: AA

Encryption Supported: IDEA

IP Rating: IP67

Frequency Memory: 1 (8 with Optional SCAN Upgrade)

Addresses (RIC incl. sub­addresses): 64

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