Alpha Legend Secure

Alpha Legend Secure
Alpha Legend Secure
Alpha Legend Secure
Alpha Legend Secure

Alpha Legend Secure

These are special order items and normally ship in 7-10 days if Unication has inventory in stock.
We recommend contacting us before you place your order to find out what the exact lead time is for delivery.
    • POCSAG Coding Format
    • 4-Line Display or Zoom to 2-Line
    • 16 CAP Codes
    • Narrowband Channel Spacing
    • On/Off Duty Programmable
    • 6 Alerting Modes
    • 16 Programmable Alert Tone Sequences
    • Graphic Battery Level Indication
    • Loud 80dB Alert Tone SPL
    • 2025 Characters per Personal Message
    • 5052 Characters per Maildrop message
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • AES Encryption Capable


    Alpha Legend +
    Frequency Range 137-143MHz
    Protocol POCSAG
    Single/Dual Frequency Single
    Baud Rate 512 / 1200 / 2400
    Channel Spacing 12.5kHz
    Address Capability 16 Capcode with 64 sub-addresses
    Alert Tone SPL 80db@12 inches
    (2730Hz Standard Alert)
    Battery Type 1.5 V Single AA Alkaline Battery
    Battery Life *Based on standard Unication Battery Test Baud 512 : 62 Days
    Baud 1200: 54 Days
    Baud 2400: 26 Days
    Operating Temperature 5°C - 40°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
    Relative Humidity <90%
    Display 4 Line / 2 Line *20
    Characters Per Line
    Dimensions 80.1*55.0*18.5mm
    Weight 87.5g
    Dust / Waterproof No
    UL Class I,Division II, Group A.B.C.D
    Sensativity 5.7 uV/m @512 bps
    8 uV/m @1200 bps
    10.3uV/m @2400 bps
    Selectivity VHF: ? 65dB
    UHF: ? 55dB
    900: ? 50dB
    Image Rejection VHF: ? 50dB
    UHF: ? 50dB
    900: ? 40dB
    Spurious Rejection VHF: ? 50dB
    UHF: ? 50dB
    900: ? 40dB
    Frequency Deviation VHF: ? ± 15ppm
    UHF: ? ± 5ppm
    900: ? ± 3.5ppm
    Time Stamp Yes
    Message Alarm Yes
    Message Lock Yes
    Zoom In / Out Yes
    Alert by Cap Code Yes
    Priority Call Yes
    Fix Alert Yes
    8 Alert Mode Yes
    Call Reminder Alert Yes
    Low Battery Condition Yes
    Save Message when Replacing Battery Yes
    Message Alarm Yes
    On / Off Duty Yes
    Time Format: 12 or 24 Hrs Yes
    Real Time & Date Settings Yes
    Programmable Backlight Colors Yes
    LED indicator Yes
    Battery Status Yes
    Low Battery Condition Yes
    Out of Range Reminder Yes
    Duplicated Message Yes
    LCD Contrast Adjustment Yes
    Over the Air Programming Yes
    AES-128 Encryption No

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